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Interested in purchasing or renting property in Costa Rica but don’t know where to start?

Santa Teresa Properties is here to help!

Our Philosophy

We have spent years doing real estate diligence in Costa Rica and through this lengthy process have found the best agents and properties the Pacific region of Costa Rica has to offer. We want to share that information at no cost to you! Think of us as your Costa Rican real estate concierge, we are here to help.

How it works:
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CONTACT US and we will put you in touch with the appropriate agent.

  • Don’t see a property you like but interested in the area?

CONTACT US and we will connect you with the best agent in the area to help you find your perfect Costa Rican home.

Our Properties

If you are looking for a beautiful coastal home in Costa Rica, you’ve come to the right place. We aim to reduce the amount of time you spend searching for your home by presenting you with only the best properties Santa Teresa and its surrounding coastal areas have to offer. All of our listings have been verified by one of the best agents in the area and are ready to be sold. We focus on homes, not land, but if you are interested in purchasing lots we can connect you with the right resource.

Our Agents

Having the right realtor in Costa Rica makes all the difference. The best realtors in Costa Rica can help you navigate not only the buying process in Costa Rica but can even help you locate resources for building, design, decorating, property management and more. The realtors we introduce you to are motivated to turn your Costa Rica dream into a reality. We work with agents who are knowledgeable, organized, and excellent communicators. All agents we recommend speak English and Spanish fluently.

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